Payment Methods

Payment Methods

For your convenience and better service, Caseland gr offers you the following ways of payment: 

1. Spot cash.

Payment in cash at once upon delivery of property purchased at your place by the express mail service.

 2. Deposit in a bank account

You can choose the bank that serves you best for the deposit of the sum of your order. In the certificate of deposit you must write down as rationale your full name. For the expeditious dispatch of your order you can e-mail us (info@caseland.gr) or fax (210 7225815) the certificate of deposit or you can call us (telephone number: 6973 841 811).

You can deposit money in the following bank accounts:

ALPHA BANK Account number: 219-002101-018453

IBAN Account: GR 43 0140 2190 2190 0210 1018 453

ΕΘΝΙΚΗ ΤΡΑΠΕΖΑ Account number: 104 759341 46

IBAN Account: GR 840 1101040000010475934146

EUROBANK Account number:

IBAN Account: 

ΤΡΑΠΕΖΑ ΠΕΙΡΑΙΩΣ Account number:

IBAN Account: 

 3. Charging your credit card.

Caseland gr will soon be accepting on line payments with credit card (for the time being, if you want to pay using your credit card, you can only do so with Pay Pal).

 4. Pay Pal.

Caseland gr does not collect or store your credit card numbers in any way and, therefore, you will be required to write them down again, whenever you use your credit card for transactions on this web-page.